Certified Agile Leadership II (CAL2) Training October 22, 23, 24 + Workshop November 20, 2018 in Berlin

€ 2,780.00

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The CAL Credential Level 2 (CAL2) program is an advanced education, validated practice, and peer-based sharing program that consists of learning and practice across three categories. The goal of the Credential Level 2 is to guide leaders in deepening, applying, and sharing their Agile leadership learning. The Credential Level 2 requires a Credential Level 1 and successful completion of the advanced education, validated practice, and peer-based sharing requirements.

The CAL2 is an individual pathway for each participant. As an Approved Education Provider agile42 will offer support to several activities during their journey towards the CAL2 credential.

This includes 3 Training days and a Workshop:

- Agile Leadership Training on 22 October 2018

- Organizational Design Trainingon 23 October 2018

- Changing Leadership Training on 24 October 2018

- Peer Workshop on 20 November 2018


UPC CAL2-Berlin-10-11/2018
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